The Will to Wear Pants


There are days when I simply lack the will to wear pants. When my old, faded jeans are a mountain that I cannot climb. I’ve come to understand that this is an oddly reliable indicator of how things are going with the boys. During easy stretches at home, my jeans are just jeans but when one or (more typically) both boys are in some flavor of challenging transition even casual wear threatens my equilibrium. How can I so much as glimpse peace when I’m expected to do things like button and zipper my own clothes? This is another (of the many) reasons that my re-entry into the working world is sure to be entertaining.

During these stretches I rely on pants with elastic waistbands and wicking fabric. Clothing that in a previous life I wore to do things like running and yoga. Life is different now. I’ve found that these very same pants are the perfect companions for chasing boundary-pushers around parks and preparing meals with 30 lb, giggling weights attached to each leg. The small measure of comfort they offer is a balm. You take what you can get.

I’ve been off the real pants train for more than a week now. If history is any indication I expect that I’ll be buttoning my own pants fairly soon. These things wax and wane. I’m looking forward to the wane. For now the Monk is committed to keeping me in comfortable clothing. The little dude is stretching his wings and it’s a raucous affair. He is two in a way that is wholly different from the way Yogi was two. So all the things I thought I knew are irrelevant and useless and beside the point. And while it is technically true that he won’t actually be two for another two weeks, I assure you that this is purely a technicality. The Monk is TWO and denim is too much for me.

5 thoughts on “The Will to Wear Pants

  1. I wax and wane in how I dress too. Sometimes I love wearing skirts and dresses, other times you couldn’t catch me dead in them. My wife gets super annoyed when I go through a “yoga pants are okay for the weekend” phase.

  2. I love this! I have a 4 yr old and 22 mos old and he is also two in a way that his brother wasn’t!! Life has been wild to say the least.

      • Ours are 33 so not quite as close as yours, but I’m due in October with number 3 so it’s about to get even crazier. We’re finally getting our girl though and from what I understand they’re much calmer…..hopefully!! 🙂

  3. This second baby’s whole life has been a no pants phase, that is for sure. Seriously: this was awesome. Love this part of your voice. The wisdom and the humor.

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