Second Trimester is in Sight

Finally!  This morning Bean had her first photo shoot in what feels like forever.  During our last OB appointment we heard the heartbeat, but we didn’t get to see anything.  Seeing that tiny little person on the big screen was fabulous.  Arms and legs moving and my wife was quick to point out, a clear nasal bone.  All very, very good news.  Heartbeat at 167 and all measurements in the normal range.

My wife, the one I knew before TTC and pregnancy, also seems to be making appearances at more frequent intervals.  The nausea continues to hang around, but she’s sleeping much less and acting shockingly non-hormonal.  This could be too good to be true, but I’m celebrating it while it’s here.  Perhaps the whole 2nd trimester will be like this.  Maybe?!

All Quiet on the Nausea Front

Not much going on around here.  Our first OB appointment went well and Bean looked fabulous.  At our next appointment we will meet with the doctor.  That will be next week.  For now, my wife is just riding the nausea and headache train.  Or hanging on for dear life some days.  Hoping that she will start feeling better soon.

First OB Appointment on Thursday

This appointment is very much on the brain.  I am chatty and eager about getting to see Bean and while I’m sure my wife feels that way too, she’s got worry to go along with it.  I guess it’s a hard habit  to break.  I’m sure as she soon as she sees that heartbeat all of that worry will vanish, but she keeps talking about how she hopes Bean is still in there.  I’ve reminded her that she gets what feels like the flu each night, she hasn’t had any bleeding and she spends all day every day in a state of perpetual nausea.  If we’re not pregnant, something is seriously wrong.

The practice we’ve chosen is actually a high risk practice, but in spite of disclosing that we’re not high risk they said they had plenty of room for us.  There are two big OB practices in our town and after talking with every recently pregnant and babied person we know, it sounds like the high risk practice is the way to go.  We will be meeting the Nurse practitioner on our first appointment and will only meet with a doctor the next time we are there.

If our last RE appointment is any indication, I know I’ll be ga-ga over the ultrasound and may not be thinking clearly.  So, I’m planning ahead and making a list of things I need to remember to ask about.  At the moment, the list is short.  I really don’t know how much I don’t know.  Any suggestions?

If Nausea Were an Olympic Sport

my wife would be a gold medalist.  I’ve never seen anything like this.  None of the remedies seem to help.  Small meals, ginger, wheat crackers in the morning, peppermint tea.  Nothing.  She is queasy green all day everyday.  We are into the 10th week now.  When does this end?

I Love my Mother-in-Law

This is very random information, but it makes me so happy that I have to share it.

Upon hearing that my parents have gotten dibs on Gran and Pops, my MIL has started thinking about what she wants the baby to call her.  The two of us were discussing this over the weekend.  As our baby will be the first grandchild for either of our parents, this name thing is entirely new ground.

After I shared the Gran and Pops news with her, she was quiet for a while.  I could hear a kind of hmmm sound and then she said something I never expected to hear.

Her – I think I would like to be called some kind of animal name.

Me – An animal name?  Do you mean a pet name?  Like Benji?

Her – No.  An actual name of an animal.  Maybe walrus.

Me – Walrus?

Her – Yeah, maybe so.

I’m fairly certain that Walrus is not her final decision, but it’s exciting to think that all of this naming business may not be so straightforward after all.  I’ll keep you posted.

Settling In

It’s actually settling in.  This Thursday marks the beginning of the 10th week and we’re still pregnant.  Next week we will have our first OB appointment.  We’ll meet the nurse practitioner and learn about the practice.  On our next visit, we’ll meet with one of the doctors.  What I’m really looking forward to is the ultrasound.  I can’t WAIT to see Bean again.

My wife has been feeling pretty yucky.  At first she was feeling the worst (nausea, headache, low energy) in the late afternoon and into the evening, but now the mornings aren’t even all that great.  She’s handling it all well, but I feel bad for her.  By the time she gets home from work at the end of the day, she’s pretty much out of energy.  It’s changed the rhythm of our evenings quite a bit.  No more going out to dinner or staying up together much past 9.  Pregnancy definitely changes things.

Home After a Fun Weekend

We spent the holiday weekend visiting my parents.  There has been strain in our relationship for some time and I have been anxious about this visit for more than a month.  I spent the last week preparing myself for the visit: reminding myself that everyone is responsible for themselves and their emotions, that making sure everyone is comfortable and happy is not my job, that my parents can handle their feelings of rejection when my wife doesn’t want to eat all the southern food they want to feed her, that it is ok if my wife is bored by all the sitting around and talking.  My wife was really patient with me as I talked through all of it.  Happily, all the talking and preparing led up to a GREAT visit.

We sent them the video of the heartbeat, so they were really excited about the baby news when we arrived.  My Mom talked a mile a minute the entire weekend which, while exhausting, is a great sign.  Dad had his grumpy moments, but he was at ease for most of the visit.  Although we did make it out to the bookstore, the movies (we saw The Lovely Bones) and dinner at a Thai restaurant, we spent most of the time at home.  The pace was slow,  but quite good.  It was easy and that is fabulous.  Getting on the plane and heading for home I felt like a weight had been lifted.  I have wanted to feel that ease with the four of us together and I finally felt it.  I’ve always believed that it was possible,  but I didn’t really feel it until this weekend.  SO glad that I did.

Oh and they want to be called Gran and Pops.  That’s the most important news 😉

September 2, 2010

We have a due date.  We have a baby.  We have a heartbeat.  My mind has been totally blown.  I wasn’t expecting this.  The heartbeat I was expecting.  I haven’t had that nervous, not really sure feeling at all this time around.  I was optimistic.  I felt certain that the bean was still in there doing whatever it is he needs to do.  What I wasn’t expecting is that I would spend today in such a fog.  I feel like a heart without the protective cover of a body or a mind to interpret anything at all.  This morning it was impossible to focus on anything other than our upcoming appointment, but I didn’t feel the nervous way that I often do.  I didn’t feel excited either.  I was just aware that the appointment was coming.  When we got to the office I couldn’t even really chat in a normal way with  my wife.  All I could think about was the heartbeat and then there it was.  Our tiny bean with a small pulsing heart.  My wife was busy getting a video with her phone and the RE was talking and explaining things and I was just staring at the screen like it was the only thing in the room.  He gave us the picture and we got hugs and congratulations from the staff, which was sweet, but I barely remember any of it.  Maybe this is what shock feels like.