Meet the Mama

Stay-at-Home Mama who writes through nap time and naps through action movies. Married to a woman who was eager both to carry their children and their mortgage, she spends spare moments thanking her lucky stars and telling people not to throw things. A psychologist by training, she’s traded data collection for truck collecting, journal articles for board books and mind control for …. well, mind control. She loves ginger snaps, the Bravo network and the occasional rainy day.

One thought on “Meet the Mama

  1. Good luck with your little guy – My partner and I have a special needs son who has had to go through more surgeries than most small towns – but it doesn’t get easier. This is a faith and trust moment – and one is which you will learn just how long you can hold your breath. It’s times like this that are priority shifting and life affirming – hoping you guys have a quick and unremarkable procedure – and this all becomes a distant memory. Prayers for your family! Dana and Renee

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