Yogi and the Fork

Although I miss the snuggly sweetness of mealtime when he was entirely milk-fed, Yogi with a fork has his own brand of charm.  And yes, I did say Yogi with a fork.  The times they are a changing.

The high chair with tray is waiting patiently in the basement for Monkey and Yogi now sits in the chair that we should have coughed up the money for in the beginning.  It pushes right up to the table and can easily adjust as he grows.  I initially balked at the price (and by balked I mean harassed my wife for the suggestion that we spend that kind of money on a chair for anyone, much less a baby), but now I think that if you can swing it, you’ll be glad you did.  This is the chair and cushion that we chose.

Once we get him in the chair and push him up to the table, it’s on.  As you all know, there were days when I wondered if he would ever eat food that didn’t come through a bottle, but now he eats with gusto.  After reading lots of Montessori theory, we made the decision to forgo plastic kiddie type plates and utensils and Yogi eats on our plates (the small one for salads) and he does what he can with his fork and spoon.  We bought two sets (meaning we have two spoons and two forks) and we just wash them after each meal.  They look something like this when compared to a regular fork:

Most of what he eats is picked up with  his hands, but he plays/works with the fork at every meal.  He likes to pierce the occasional blueberry (bee-bee), cheese square (che) or black bean (bean) with his fork.  The chatter is fairly constant while he eats.  If he’s not actually chewing and swallowing at.that.second, he’s telling you about what’s on his plate or the fact that a car is driving by (cahhh – sounds kind of like a Boston version of the word) or that Baker is coming down the stairs (dah).  The spoon seems to be less compelling, but he can use it fairly smoothly.  He’s much better with it than the fork, but I think it’s not as fun. 

Mealtime with Yogi can be a headache (Really Yogi?  Hand washing is not a torture technique), but it’s also a lot of fun. 

2 thoughts on “Yogi and the Fork

  1. PICTURES or it didn't happen!!

    We've never had a highchair, but instead use a booster on a regular chair, which is now pulled up to the table (it did have a tray for when he was just learning how to eat). We've used and liked the chair you have at other people's houses, but just couldn't justify the cost with only one kid. Also, Curly is fairly skilled with a fork at this point, but views it as an inferior method for food to mouth transport.

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