Shake, Rattle & Roll

One thing that will be a welcome change when Monkey arrives is that I will have a relatively passive person to diaper.  It has been quite some time since I’ve experienced a diaper change that felt like something other than the capture of a wild animal.  
It’s about perspective, right?
So, I’ve mentioned in previous months that Yogi believes my request that he stop playing long enough to be changed to be completely unreasonable.  I’ve tried (per your suggestion) to diaper him standing up, but I’m not anywhere near coordinated enough for that.  
That leaves me with one strategy – NEVER STOP PLAYING!  See Yogi, Mama does listen. 😉
What we do now (that actually works) is play on the changing table.  When it’s time for a change I usually ask Yogi to pick a book from the bookshelf and he settles in for a quick story.  It works best if I ask him questions (“Can you find the apple?  Show Mama the bunny.”), but it’s pretty foolproof.  The boy loves to read and it’s a great distraction.
I’m telling you this story today because yesterday we had a game changer.  Yogi’s tambourine was lying on the bookshelf and when it came time for the diaper change he picked it up.  He shake, rattle and rolled his way through the diaper change and this morning when I asked him to pick a book, he dug through his toy chest until he found what he wanted.  The tambourine.  

When he was a newborn and diaper changes were significantly stimulating enough to be considered an activity in his day, I never dreamed of this. 

One thought on “Shake, Rattle & Roll

  1. bunny's been like this for a while, but is still young enough to be placated by “helping.” the wipes package, an extra diaper, or a wipe of his own will generally keep him busy enough to not roll over, even through an explosive poop change. and the kid isn't even mobile yet…

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