If We Have a Boy

I will be well prepared in the clothing department.  My wife is working today and in an effort to avoid bad TV (why oh why is 16 and Pregnant suddenly interesting to me??), I went on a clothing mission.  I am not a fan of shopping, but sometimes it’s necessary.  It’s finally gotten cold around here and neither of us are appropriately sweatered.  After finding the perfect pair of pjs for myself (who cares about real clothes when cute loungewear is available?), I headed to the Boys section.  This is the best place to shop for my wife.  It’s a challenge to find the things that don’t look particularly little boyish, but the fit works and fit matters.  Even an x-small in the Mens section drowns her.  The boys section it is.

This afternoon found me in holiday shopping hell.  I’ve never thought much about the fact that the other women my age in the Boys section are shopping for their children until today.  Of  course I knew this to be the case, but I never thought one second about it.  Today I thought about it.  Today I was hyper-aware of the strollers and the little people toddling through the aisles.  Life is weird.  That’s for sure.