This Moment – June

My calendar tells me that today is Fathers Day, so in the kind of translation that becomes second nature to queer families of any/every stripe, it’s Mama’s Day at my house. Although I’m getting extra love and attention all weekend, our official celebration was last night. The four of us struck out on our bikes (bike trailer for the boys) and made our leisurely turtle-spotting, fish-watching, bunny-finding way to our favorite family restaurant. Much guacamole and green salsa and black beans were consumed before our ice cream nightcap. We rode home with smiles and full bellies. The boys even managed to handle the close confines of the bike trailer peacefully, which may have been the very best part.


When they see the camera they either make goofy faces or look the other direction. I prefer the latter.

Although it’s been more than a month now, I have yet to fully grasp that somehow….. this happened.

Ben's Second Birthday Party -  068

Our baby is two. He’s forward-facing and sentence making and clearing his own place at the table. It’s lovely and crushing all at once.

Last Friday night was a first that my wife and I have been anticipating since before we were even pregnant. We had our first family movie night!!! A movie and popcorn on the couch night. After a startling (or maybe not) amount of consideration on our part, we finally decided to go out with Toy Story. It seemed like such a sweet movie. During the 91 minutes that I spent holding a trembling (I do not exaggerate) Yogi and assuring him that Woody would find his way back to Andy, I learned that suspense is an acquired taste. I also learned that Monkey will cut you for some popcorn and that Yogi believes that he would rather watch Charlie Brown and have chocolate-covered strawberries for snack next time. We’re learning as we go around here, that’s for sure.


This picture was taken before the heart-stopping action really ratcheted up.

The boys and I have a new summer obsession. Watermelon smoothies. There is NOTHING better.


If you’d like to make one, it’s super easy. The most labor intensive part is dealing with the watermelon, but it’s so very worth it. I buy a watermelon every weekend and cut it up in the backyard. Just me, a huge knife and a few freezer bags. If you initially cut your watermelon into fourths, you can do the rest of your cutting any way you like. Big pieces, little pieces, totally messy – the blender cares not at all. Cram all of it into a few freezer bags and pop it in your freezer. Done.


  • 2 cups almond milk
  • 1 cup ice
  • 1 banana (frozen)
  • Lots of watermelon (frozen)


  1. Add the milk, ice and banana to your blender and mix until smooth.
  2. While blending, begin dropping in your watermelon.
  3. Add watermelon until it looks yummy to you. I would guess I use almost 2 cups.

Our other summer favorite is the garden. Thanks to Yogi and my wife we have so many delicious things growing just outside our door. There is tons of basil (pesto!!!!!), mint (smoothies and infused water), cilantro (all sorts of things, we’re loving it on salad), cucumbers (straight up – yum!), carrots, and beets (smoothies and our beloved beet burgers).


The boys basking in the glow of a very satisfying beet pulling.

We’re making our way into summer and finding it quite sweet, in spite of the bug spray and sunscreen.

Happy (almost) December!


In the morning our countdown to Christmas begins and I can hardly wait! I guess the picture makes that fairly obvious though doesn’t it? I mean, I’m so enthusiastic that I’m connecting with my (small and quiet) crafty side. It’s been quite some time since I’ve used a stamp and I must say that I’ve missed it.  But…. the important thing is that inside every one of those little bags is an invitation to fun. It’s no longer possible to spend the entire day outside (thanks winter) and my three year old is incapable of sleeping when the sun is shining (have I mentioned that?), but dammit we have things to do around here.

Here are a few of things we’ll be up to this month:

  • Making ornaments for our tree (Yogi is enamored with glitter)
  • Building and decorating Rice Krispy treat houses (seems more durable than gingerbread)
  • Creating a menorah using handprints + blue paint with our Hanukkah celebrating friends
  • Holding our own Christmas music themed dance party
  • Caroling with friends
  • Touring Christmas lights after dinner
  • Making cranberry suet cake to show the birds how much we love them on the Solstice
  • Decorating Santa bags (pillowcases) and filling them with toys we can share with other families
  • Baking lots of cookies and delivering them to friends (getting the boys Santa hats for this one)
  • Drinking hot chocolate and reading stories under the Christmas tree
  • Building snowmen (white play-doh + silver glitter)
  • Making simple gifts for friends

I hope the boys enjoy this as much as I’m thinking they will. This is a tradition that I’ve always wanted to build with my family and I can’t wait to see how it evolves throughout the years.