Monkey’s Room

The plan was to have before and after pictures here, but I’ve gotten a new laptop and although I thought I had gotten all of my pictures moved I clearly haven’t. Great. So I haven’t got a before picture, but if I did you would see a big room with walls in rice grain. This was the room where we had office space and Yogi had toys. 
What we have now is a bedroom and a hallway.

This is the door to the Monkey room and the door that you see behind it is the Monkey closet. Yes, this is the paint color that we’re still not wild about. It’s called Thistle. Love the name, love the swatch, not so sure about the walls.
This is the rest of the room with the new rocking chair. It’s a bit hard to tell with the angles, but there is room for a crib or a bed. We’re waiting to move the crib into this room until we’ve moved Yogi into his big boy bed.

This is the hall. I took the picture from the door of Yogi’s bedroom (his walls are green) and the other door you see is for the kid’s bathroom. The gate swings in front of the stairs. On the right is the door to Monkey’s room and on the left is the door to our bedroom.

Monkey Update

In the center of a ridiculously busy day yesterday we had our 1st OB appointment AND Monkey had a photo shoot.  Our new OB doesn’t have a scanner so all of that required two separate appointments and I missed the OB appt because I had to pick Yogi up from school.  A little sad to miss the “We Graduated!” doctor appointment, but another reminder of how different things are this time around.  But…. I was there for the most important part – the scan!
Monkey was on fire in there.  Truly!  She was moving around like a very tiny dancer.  We are guessing that’s bc my wife had gone for a run just beforehand and all the motion had gotten the baby excited.  It was really fun to watch him rock and roll.  
It was 10 minutes of pure joy in a day that otherwise held only the frustrating aspects of home ownership.
  •  Selecting and forking over the money for a new dishwasher.  Ours crashed in a puddle of grrrrrr!!!! hours before hosting a lesbian pot luck last weekend.  How cool is that we had a lesbian pot luck at our house?!  That we live in an area where there are no less than five other female couples live close enough to walk to our house for dinner on a Saturday night?  Makes the dishwasher tantrum seem pretty unimportant.
  • Meeting a plumber whose WILD estimate of repair costs fueled the decision to buy said dishwasher.
  • Meeting my wife across town after work to sign our names no less than forty times in the service of refinancing our house while Yogi works feverishly to get a banana out of my purse.

So the day was a long one, but we got to see Monkey on the big screen and spend the evening together.  Not so bad after all.

Moving Too Fast

I really must catch my breath.  During the last few weeks life has been moving at such a frantic clip that I have barely had time for a good, deep breath.  As the Anxiety Queen, this is not a good thing.  Happily, the bulk of the rush has been associated with positive changes that are great for our family.  In an effort to clear my head, here is the bulleted version of recent happenings at my house.

  • Yogi went up on the airplane and all three of us survived.  We manged to travel out-of-state with two checked bags, a car seat and a diaper bag carry-on.  My wife wore Yogi in the Ergo and he flirted with EVERYONE in the airport.  The boy will stop at nothing to get the attention of someone he has his eye on.  😉
  • Yogi met just about everyone we knew in our old hometown.  We walked every inch (mile?) of the hospital and my wife was able to be proud Mommy with all of her colleagues.  My job at the hospital involved being the family pack mule and making sure that none of the secretaries grabbed Yogi and ran when we weren’t looking. Not an easy job. We tried to get a picture with our RE, but he was in surgery (I knew we should have called ahead….).
  • We walked through our old neighborhood and discovered that the bank has finally wrangled possession of our old house from our no count landlords.  Surprise, surprise….
  • We spent our last evening with friends who gathered for a “Meet the Baby” dinner party.
  • We arrived home to moving boxes and the emergence of Sickie #1 (me).
  • I organized the packing and loading while sick and with a baby strapped to my body.
  • After all of the major packing and loading tasks are accomplished, my parents arrive.
  • Yogi starts acting fussy and odd and Sickie #2 is born.
  • Yogi reaches the crescendo of illness on moving day while we wait (not so patiently) for the gas man (brrrrrr!) and can only wonder about where anything we might want or need is actually located.
  • My wife takes the post-move day off and we have four adults to focus on moving tasks and sick baby care.
  • After performing their duties as AV/Tech guy and Kitchen Organization pro, my parents head for home.
  • Four days into Yogi’s yuckiness, he wakes up screaming from a nap in a way that alarms me and I decide we need to take him to Dr. Wonderful.  The three of us spend Friday night in a doctor’s office to find out that yes, it is true.  Our baby is sick.  Other than that, all is well.  Give him Tylenol and snuggle him.  Gee, so glad we decided to use our time that way.
  • My wife’s parents arrive and settling in/sick baby care continues.
  • My wife’s parents head for home.
  • The three of us are finally settled (and well!) in our new house.

Yogi’s New Crib???

No, unfortunately we have not adopted a cat.  This cat belongs to the current owners of the house that we are in the process of buying.  How great does that sound?!  The house that we are in the process of buying.  Very cool.

Earlier this week we had the inspection, which meant that I was able to get in  to the house and take lots and lots of pictures!  While my wife and her Dad hung out with the inspector, asking question after question about the important things like the roof and the quality of the HVAC systems, Yogi snoozed and I snapped away on the camera and furnished the house in my imagination.  There were also bagels from the local bagel shop that is only a short walk away.  Great fun was had by all.

There are a number of things that still remain to be worked out, the owner/builder is in the process of completing the bonus room, the garage and a bathroom, but the house never went on the market in the first place so much of this is to be expected.  The exciting part is that if we can come  to an agreement about what needs to be addressed, we could be moving into a house as early as February!  Stay tuned.

Getting There

Finally the nursery (and the house) are coming together.  Now that we’ve got our internet connection woes resolved, I can even tell you about it.  I got the wall painted and my wife’s Dad brought the crib last weekend.  It’s feeling like we might just survive this move.

My New Obsession: The Nursery

These sheep are FABULOUS.  Wall decals!  Who knew there was such a thing?!  I guess everybody else did, but not me.  My wife found these guys in an Etsy shop.  In the last few weeks we’ve realized that we both find lambs absolutely charming.  Perfect for Bean.  These particular lambs come in a variety of colors and we’re thinking white.  That is their actual color after all and they would really pop on a wall with color.  We haven’t decided about the color yet, but the wall with the crib will certainly have one.

We’ve finally decided on this bedding for the nursery.  Here is a zoomed out image

and here is the zoomed in, detail shot:

Anyone have a suggestion for the wall color?