A (partially) Superficial Break in the Silence

When things get loud on the inside, I have to get quiet on the outside. Balance, you know? It (mostly) works for me. So I ride these waves of outward, now inward, now outward again without ever really mastering the both-at-once. The little bit in, little bit out. Working on that one.

The awkward part of coming out of the inwardness is the how. What do you say when you’ve forgotten what your voice sounds like? Never knowing the answer to this one, I usually just keep quiet a bit longer. Well… not today. Today I’m using my voice to tell you two things that are very exciting.

The first is that my NOT having cancer is official! It’s so official that the doctor says my efforts are no longer needed. My body will go on NOT having cancer all by itself. No crazy person energy required!

The second is that my girlfriend (Abby Wambach) got married last weekend!!! May she and Sarah Huffman (lucky dog) have a long and lovely life together.


How cute are they? And more importantly, when will they start having babies?!!


In my hunt for wedding pictures (no luck) I stumbled on this gem. Swoon.

5 thoughts on “A (partially) Superficial Break in the Silence

  1. I will be seeing Abby in a little more than 12 hours 🙂 I hope to get an autograph… And maybe a kiss. My wife approves. Sarah Huffman be damned lol

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