On NOT Having Cancer

Since last time I have been mostly sure that some manner of gynecological cancer diagnosis is imminent. I say mostly bc there are sane moments in which the logical arguments of my wife (a physician), her father (a retired OB-GYN), my personal OB-GYN and the quite specialized radiologist who read my ultrasound drown out the crazy voice to remind me that an ovarian cyst is practically pedestrian. Sure, I’ve got a weird mass in there and lots of what people-in-the-know refer to as “irregular bleeding” (do NOT google that), but when they take a look again in 3 months that thing will almost certainly be smaller and as my quite wise and not-at-all-medically-trained friend explained to me, scary things never shrink. Scary things never shrink. I like that. Of course! THAT is true. The kind of true that calms me and makes sense. If only I could find a doctor that would communicate with me like that.

Instead I have a doctor who, while wonderful (she helped us welcome both Yogi and the Monk) is still a doctor. She does what she can to communicate in a way that I’m sure she believes to be straightforward and accessible, but my rational self still runs right out of my mind the moment she starts explaining anything. I’m capable of little more than nodding. Nodding is really quite an achievement. What I want (need?) to do is run. Fast. It’s impossible to focus when a very primal (and loud!) part of your brain is demanding that you GET.OUT.NOW!!! It’s probably the white coat. A simple matter of stimulus-response. Simple….right.

So, it’s hard to focus and write now that I’m so busy not.having.cancer. It’s a job. I’m more than ready to quit, but I’m on the job until I get this follow-up ultrasound behind me. The crazy doesn’t permit irresponsibility. In the meantime though I’ve neglected to keep you up to date on all the big stuff going on around here. What I’ve got now are bullets, but actual sentences will be coming soon.


  • It’s back to school in our part of the world and TWO BOYS are attending!
  • Yogi and the Potty Saga continues.
  • We have a brand-new baby boy cousin!
  • I’m suddenly (unexpectedly) obsessed with the idea of donor siblings.
  • I’ve got crazy baby fever (maybe it’s the cousin?).

9 thoughts on “On NOT Having Cancer

  1. Cancer scares suck. I’m also of the nod and then run variety and so I hope that you quickly get to the next ultrasound and pass with flying colors. Also, those children are gorgeous. Beautiful babies.

  2. Oh my.
    I am going to say don’t worry, but I know how impossible that will be until you get the all-clear. I am sending all-is-well-vibes your way.
    Also, YES re. donor siblings.
    And is it just me or are Yogi and the monk starting to look more alike? (Both adorable, of course!)

  3. Hey, that wise friend with no medical training sounds HOT…ahem, smart. Seriously, though, you two were clearly separated at birth. Or perhaps septated. In your cysterhood. (Who says medical anxiety can’t be funny?). I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when we all make it through November unscathed 😉 Thinking of you and sending you lots of love. Also, those kids should be illegal with the adorable happening there.

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