Yogi is Three


The big day came last week. I put Yogi in charge of activity planning and I have to say, the boy is fun!  We enjoyed a breakfast of “sandwich with egg on it, no cheese, no vegetables” out at one of our favorite spots. We followed that up with grocery shopping (his choice!) in which Yogi pushed a kiddie cart and Monkey “drove” the car cart. We arrived home in time to set up the play tent upstairs and play loudly until nap time. We spent the afternoon outside and Mommy left work early in order to meet us. Yogi ordered “pizza in a box with mushrooms” for dinner. He was very clear about the fact that he wanted the whole pizza for himself, so we ordered a medium and put the whole box on his place mat. He ate two slices and as soon as he was sure that every slice really was just for him, he started sharing. It was a great day and I loved that we did just what he wanted on his special day.


On Saturday afternoon, we had the birthday party. The HUGE pile of dirt was the main attraction. We had shovels and buckets and plenty of happy diggers. Although rain was very much in the forecast, we were able to keep the party in the backyard and I love, love, loved it. I never knew birthday parties could be so fun.

Owen's 3rd Birthday -  032

In addition to the huge dirt mound, we had some rice for digging and pouring and thanks to my wife, a hammering station! How cool is that? She (under Yogi’s supervision) made the hammers herself.  If you stick a handful of golf tees in some styrofoam you can keep a toddler busy for quite some time. Also, have you ever seen a more serious construction worker?

Owen's 3rd Birthday -  039

Owen's 3rd Birthday -  122If this picture* is any indication, I think the boy had a fantastic time.

IMG_1098Our final birthday event came on Sunday afternoon when we all went to the library for THE BIG MOMENT. Yogi got his very own library card!!! This was his birthday present from us. A stroke of brilliance, no? I’m really not sure who of the four of us was most excited. He immediately checked out an armful of books and he just looked so adorably proud of himself.

Owen's 3rd Birthday -  052The Big Boy


* The shirt went when he smashed himself into the cake in an effort to blow out his candles. He got the candles AND a thick layer of frosting covering his middle. I’m not really sure when he lost the shorts. One moment he was topless, the next he was standing on a pile of dirt wielding a shovel dressed only in tennis shoes and a diaper.


6 thoughts on “Yogi is Three

  1. Wish that we could have been there to celebrate with Yogi! Looks like a fantastic day. We may steal that library card idea in a year or two!

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