Families in the Loop

I’m excited to be joining the fabulously friendly team at Families in the Loop, a national parenting site, as their newest blogger. My first post, which is about having a third, went up this weekend! What do you think, should we go for it?


5 thoughts on “Families in the Loop

  1. I’m always for more! On the other hand, did you see the article floating around about how three kids was the happiness tipping point? I’ll see if I can find it and send it to you. I’m not sure how much I’d pay attention though – as one of three, I’m pretty sure I was the happiness tipping point and I was the first!

  2. Congratulations on adding your excellent blog to another website! And ditto on the amnesia, and not feeling done. I know I feel crazy most of the time trying to keep up with just two, and I hesitate to answer the question of whether we will have another right away, but I know I don’t feel done at all:-) You can’t stop until you know you have that feeling.

  3. Nice piece! I think if you’re considering a third you should go for it! (I’ll live vicariously through you guys since Jen has firmly stated we are only having two. 😉 )

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