It’s a Bit Early for Nostalgia, but…..

Yogi will be three in a few weeks and I’m afraid I’m not handling it well. Really I’m fairly certain that I’m not. This hit me last night when I realized that I’m oddly fixated on his birthday party. In an anxious preoccupation kind of way. This is unexpected for a few reasons. First, I’m not exactly a party person. I’m not opposed, but party planning is hardly my thing. I’m all for celebration and ritualistic ways of marking time, but I’m not so into coordinating tableware and clever snack preparation and arrangement. Beyond all of the things that I just don’t get, there’s the matter of inviting people. Just thinking about invitations, some people getting them while other people don’t, makes me a little light-headed. Frankly it’s enough of a reason to avoid the whole thing altogether. But… you’ve got to have a birthday party, right?

In previous years, the boys’ birthday parties have been perfect in their simplicity. An afternoon in the backyard with our families and a few friends (how many friends can you have when you’re 2?), eating some cake and drinking a beer or two. No elaborate gift opening, no complicated party games. Just time spent with people we love and a little singing to the birthday boy. For me? Perfection. I have love, love, loved these little celebrations. Three is feeling different and I’m sad about that.

My wife reminds me (rightly I’m sure) that we’re not making some huge departure here, we’re just creating something that feels a bit more festive than any other afternoon with friends. But….. in spite of my resistance, I think we actually have a theme. A theme?!! Yogi is very clear in both his expectation for the cake (strawberry cake with BIG, HUGE trucks and diggers on top) and his belief that playing in the dirt is the only reasonable thing a person would think to do at a birthday party. So, I guess we’re having a truck party. Does this mean I should buy napkins?

Yogi’s absolute certainty about everything related to his big day is another one of my problems. After wading through all the who to invite? business, Yogi now wants only the Monk at his party. He has reminded me of this at least once an hour for the last two days. He went so far as to tell a little girl at our park playgroup last week that he did not want her to come to his birthday party. Wha???? That interaction warrants its own post, but for now the point is that I have every reason to believe that Yogi might actually refuse entrance to the people we actually did invite.


Where did my baby go?

IMG_5111Yogi’s 1st Birthday party


9 thoughts on “It’s a Bit Early for Nostalgia, but…..

  1. You’re clearly aces at this birthday thing already since that 1-yr-old cake is terrific. I can understand the unsettling feeling that comes with the third birthday. It IS something different. At least in our case, the months around three brought us an entirely different child. A kid, not a baby, for the first time. It takes adjusting :). As for trucks and napkins, I recommend a box of wipes instead and, if it’s just brothers, that’s still a great party.

  2. Ooh ooh ooh! Make dirt! (Pudding with crushed Oreos on top, gummy worms if you’re feeling luxurious. Super easy.) I LOVED this when I was a kid.

    Also, more supportively, good luck with it all. Can you, uh, buy little truck figurines and stealthily hand them out to guests to give to Yogi as entrance tickets? Just kidding. Mostly.

    • Great ideas! Both of them. Dirt is the best. I was thinking that dirt AND cake seemed a bit much, but it is a birthday party, right? And the entrance ticket thing? Genuis!!! You obviously get it. 😉

  3. OMG, love the 1st year cake and photo! 🙂 You’re funny…can’t wait to hear how it goes. I understand the stress that goes with all the changes (in him and you)…it’s amazing eh? Where did the time go? Amira just turned three a couple of months ago; she has this wonderful sense of occasion so she was directing how the party should go a couple of months beforehand and we were her helpers…teehee. Oh 3!! 😉

  4. No need to get all fancy with decorations. I admit I enjoy that part of the party process, but it’s really not important. Wish I could send you my bottle of 100% natural strawberry cake flavoring, since I highly doubt I’ll ever use it again. As for the only Monk invited deal, you could always just play it up that the friends aren’t there for the birthday party, only the cake :-).

  5. I’m way more into birthday celebrations than Jen is, but still, big parties for little babies/children don’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Brothers and best friends should be enough of a guestlist to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves.

    Also, we were just given this board book called Builder Goose as a gift and The Bean is OBSESSED with it. If you have a little boy who is into diggers and dump trucks, it’s likely to be a hit.

    • Builder Goose. That sounds like a perfect idea. Yogi loves the Duck & Goose books and I call him a Silly Goose all the time, so he’s very pro-goose. And obviously super pro-truck. 😉 Thanks for the suggestion!

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