High on Love

What a week, huh? By the time the Supreme Court finally decided to make their rulings on DOMA and Prop 8 I was a disaster. I had been optimistic on Monday, but as the week progressed I was sliding downhill. When I woke up on Wednesday morning I was sure we were in for disappointment. But I was WRONG!!!! Hooray! What fabulous, fabulous news. And if you haven’t watched Rachel Maddow’s show from the night of the ruling, you must. Not only is she just lovely and geek chic, but her thoughts on where all of this is headed are very encouraging.

So, I’m totally high on love. In spite of the fact that I live in one of those states that is sure to be among the last in the march towards marriage equality, I’m not sure I could be more excited. I feel strongly that my wife and I were married on the day we said “I do” in front of all of our people during our not at all legal wedding, but all of this excitement is getting to me. I’ve been daydreaming about leaving the boys with grandparents and sharing a romantic weekend with my wife in which we do things like sleep in, eat leisurely meals, kiss as much as possible and get married.

And then there are those boys. I’m so excited for them too. It feels impossibly good to know that the world really is changing and maybe this having two Moms thing will be a smidge easier than I sometimes fear.


Yogi got behind the wheel for the first time last weekend. The man was born to drive. Isn’t it great to have friends with cool toys?!


The Monk walks everywhere.



Just a little naked fun in our neighbors backyard. Oh and Goldfish. Always Goldfish.


4 thoughts on “High on Love

  1. My mother insisted on a legal ceremony in CT to accompany our much more important vows in front of friends and family. It’s strange to now have a piece of paper that says that we would be legal (for real yo!) if we only lived in Connecticut. I too live in a state that will hold out on marriage equality for as long as possible. Thankfully we can at least adopt (if only we could get our act together).

    We will protect gun rights but not families! All in the name of freedom, and religion! Hooray! But I digress. It was a lovely lovely Wednesday.

    Oh, and your boys are adorable.

  2. If you haven’t seen yet, it is likely the Obama administration will push hard to get federal recognition for same sex couples who were legally married in a state that recognizes it but lives in or moves to a state that doesn’t. So the answer to this is you and your wife taking that weekend, but heading to the nearest blue/rainbow state and getting officially hitched!

  3. I love watching RM when good things happen. Her glee is so contagious. It’s just a matter of time for your state, even if it means they are dragged there kicking and screaming by the fed gov’t. Such cute kiddos!

  4. Yay for love! And yay for pictures of adorable kiddos!
    I’m definitely with you on the anxiety leading up to Wednesday’s ruling, and on feeling like our not-legal wedding was the real one. We’re lucky enough to be able to have a legal wedding now (to happen this week, on the anniversary of our big ceremony!), but it won’t be nearly as big a deal.

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