The Good Stuff

I love a quirk. Learning of these intimate little oddities is the best way I know to connect with people. Quirks are the good stuff. To that end, I’m realizing that I need to capture them somewhere and this strikes me as the perfect spot.

Here’s a glimpse into our odd little world at newly 1 and almost 3.


“All of we are blue birds”. This one is about to kill us. I’m working to keep perspective and realize that years from now we will remember this with fondness, but at three weeks in it’s not easy. Yogi has decided that we are a family of blue birds. Among other things, this means that we are not to refer to one another as anything other than “bluebird”. No Mama, no Mommy, no big or little brother. We are “just bluebirds”. This makes clarity in conversation damn near impossible. We’ve become quite adept at pointing when it is possible to do so and referencing “that other bluebird” when it’s not. Also, we all sleep in nests.

The Monk has uttered his first (I guess it counts) word:, “Uh-oh”. Long time readers may remember that this was also Yogi’s first word. I admit to some concern that “uh-oh” is the first clear statement that either of our boys ever made, but putting their mental health aside it sure does sound adorable.

Yogi likes the ladies. I never imagined that this kind of thing would be so evident so young, but at least in this moment, Yogi has very clear interests. It started a few weeks ago at bedtime. Between reading stories and singing songs, we always talk about our day. On playgroup days, Yogi likes to name each kid and talk about something funny they did. Out of nowhere Yogi looks up at me from under his eyelashes and shyly says “Let’s talk about the Moms”. Um, excuse me….what?!! In the moments that followed I learned that the boy knows the name of every Mom (if I could name the kid, he could name the Mom) and that he likes Meredith. This is the way he put it. “I like Meredith. Let’s invite her over all by herself.” Oh.My.

Monkey would like to take the stairs I never dreamed that I would allow my barely one year old to charge up our notoriously dangerous stairs solo, but the man cannot be stopped. Thankfully he shows no interest in going down, but he is fully committed to going up. Not once has he faltered or stumbled. The very moment that the gate is opened, he’s headed up at great speed. He can be in another room. I swear he must feel it in his bones.

Mama appreciates a jock*. After shoving exercise underneath the list since Monkey’s birth, I’m back at it. I’m not running and I’m not yogi-ing. If you can believe it, I’m doing circuit training. Wha?!!! Owing quite a lot to my certainty that osteoporosis is in my future, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how much I would benefit from weight training. All those bones and muscles so nice and strong. It’s a lovely idea. Unfortunately, the reality has never quite lived up to the fantasy… until now. As in so many things it’s taken a butch little lesbian with some junk in her trunk to get me on board. I’m talking about Jillian Michaels. Yes, she’s entirely too bossy and she flirts in a painfully awkward way with her….(what do you call them?) back-up dancers on the video, but I can swing 20 minutes a day and I appreciate the eye candy. I turned the corner in my Jillian interest after learning that she’s married to a very kind looking yoga instructor and has two kids almost the exact ages of ours. This girl needs back story.


*This is something I learned about myself only after meeting my wife. I’ve never had any occasion to interact with sporty people before her, so I had no idea.


3 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. This is very very good stuff. The best of stuff, really. I am absolutely in love with the blue birds. You are raising such delightful children with a strong sense of who they are. You have so very much to celebrate. Thank you for sharing the joy with us!

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