Wow. That was a long time. Quiet can last a while in my world, but that was long even for me. The good news is that I’m up for a chat again. Good news for sure.

A brief look at what’s been going on around here since last time.

  • Illness for everyone.
  • Pulling up and walking with his push toys are a few of Monkey’s favorite things, but the tip-top of his list is Mommy. I’ve never seen a more exuberant Mommy’s boy.
  • Yogi has begun reading to us and it is my most favorite thing. After learning about a book called Jamberry from R and J we picked it up at the library and Yogi was immediately hooked. One night after having the book at our house for a few weeks he started reading each page! Neither of us could believe it. Yes, I know he’s only memorized it but it’s tons of fun. His most triumphant line is “Berryband, Merryband, Jamming in Berryland!”
  • Shocking amounts of travel and visitors. It is not an overstatement to say that when we haven’t been traveling, we’ve had people visiting. For many (most?) people this would get filed under Yay!, for me it gets filed under There are Aspects of this that are Quite Nice, but Largely this is Overwhelming and Just Too Much.
  • The emotional weight of a toddler is heavy. The intensity of Yogi’s emotions are frequently more than I can bear. More on this in another post.
  • Monkey is transitioning to one nap! It seems a bit early, but if this means that I can get ONE nap time for both boys than praise be. Beginning to glimpse the light at the end of the no break for Mama during daylight hours tunnel. I’m pretty sure that when we settle into this groove all of the angels of heaven will sing. Loudly and melodiously. For real.
  • A bit random, yes, but I offer the following image* in the spirit of Holy Sh@t, There is a God! You’re welcome.


  • We had a brief brush with Montessori, but we’ve decided to keep Yogi where he is. Ultimately the decision came down to sending our three-year old (in August) to school five days a week or keeping him to two mornings a week. We both loved this particular school, but feel committed to keeping him home for now.
  • I’m falling in love with our yard. In the last several weeks we have planted a small garden (spinach, kale, peas, carrots and beets) and two trees (japanese maple and japanese weeping cherry). We’ve also set up two bird feeders (one with suet cake which Yogi says in the MOST adorable way) and a hummingbird feeder. The boy is all about birds so we’ve bought him a pocket guide of birds in our part of the country and he has star stickers for the ones that we’ve spotted. He routinely identifies this as his favorite book.
  • My glorious discovery of this book. Anyone read this? I have found this book to be inspiring AND useful. A great combination.


* In case you are unfamiliar this is my girlfriend. Her name is Abby Wambach. Clearly she is quite lovely.


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