I’ve been staring at this screen for so long that I’m not sure exactly how much time has passed. I’m willing words that won’t come. So…. the facts. A little boy in our community passed away yesterday. He was precious and perfect and filled with light. He was three years old.

I never met Caemon or his brave Mothers, but their family has been connected to mine since I began blogging about TTC. In 2009 they met their beautiful son and the following year we met ours.

They got three years. Three years. It’s all I’ve been able to think about since learning the news. Time. The fact of it. How it is solidly stable and slippery all at once. There is time that feels bigger and longer than it actually is. The kind of time in which so much is packed into the tiniest spaces that minutes swell well beyond their boundaries and life overshadows the clock. It is my desperate hope that this family had that kind of time.

I am joining with many others in a week of intentional silence on this blog in memory of Caemon and in love and support for his parents.


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