Resolutions and My Southern Baptist Roots

I have (secretly) declared 2013 the Year of the Written Word. Secretly, because if I say it out loud I might have to actually follow through. I know, I know. That’s why I’m whispering about it to you. In the spirit of leaning into intentions I have gotten back on the horse as a contributor for It’s Conceivable. Go me!

This month I wrote a not-so-sunny post about funerals and being from the South. If you have your own questions about the authenticity of love the sinner, hate the sin you should check it out here.

Anyone else have intentions, secret or otherwise, for the new year?


4 thoughts on “Resolutions and My Southern Baptist Roots

  1. My resolution for the year is positivity. Positive thinking, positive actions, the whole thing. So far so good. Thanks for sharing so beautifully both here and over at It’s Conceivable.

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