A Few Lighter Moments

It’s the first of December and we’ve spent the entire morning outside in the warm sunshine. This is simultaneously fabulous and alarming. We actually had lunch on the back porch. At the moment Yogi is napping and Monkey is on a jog with my wife. I am deliciously alone. Ahhhh…..

I’ve missed this space and the opportunity to slow down and reflect that it provides.  Since writing last, more than just vomiting and coughing has been going on around here. Of course it has. There have been plenty of lighter moments and I’m finally ready to acknowledge them.

  • Monkey met his two cousins and I’m pretty sure he loved every second of it.


  • Yogi fell in love with sand. Neither of the boys were wild about the water and waves part of the beach, but the four of us had a blast on our first family trip to the beach. It wasn’t a beach trip if the term conjures relaxation, but I’m so glad we went. There were sand castles and digging and walks to the ice cream shop and pancakes for breakfast.
  • Monkey is sitting up on his own and just yesterday he started babbling at the park. Man is this going fast.
  • Yogi is showing no sign of letting go of his breastfeeding relationship. He gets Mommy milk in the morning and before bedtime. On particularly busy mornings, the boys eat together and Yogi loves to pick who gets what side. “This Mommy milk  Yogi, this Mommy milk Monkey”. Breastfeeding a toddler is certainly entertaining.


  • Mommy and Yogi built a paci box! This goes down as the greatest idea my wife and I have had so far. The paci box is a special box (made out of Legos) where paci hangs out when it’s not bedtime or nap time. Since Monkey’s arrival we have been fretting about Yogi’s increasing attachment to his paci. By the time we got the idea for the box, Yogi was asking for his paci anytime we were at home. Now that we have the box, he is quite happy to part with the paci when he wakes up. Brilliance!
  • The Monk can sit up in the grocery cart!




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