The Monkey Bump

Thanks for chiming in with kind words on my last post. Knowing that you guys are thinking about us is comforting.

After meeting yesterday with a pediatric neurosurgeon and today with a peds ENT, it seems likely that our little Monkey has a nasal dermoid. To those like myself who don’t speak medical-ese, this means that the boy has a bump (a mass of misguided skin cells really) between his eyes that needs to go. The major question of the moment is whether the bump extends into his brain space. Obviously, if it does the surgery will be a much more serious kind of surgery. On Thursday he’ll be getting scanned (MRI and CT) so the doctors can answer that question.

My fear of the moment is that in a little over 24 hours my six month old will be put under general anesthesia. Neither of his Mommies has ever been under this kind of anesthesia, but Monkey will have to do it both for the scans and for the eventual surgery.  Twice. For some reason this is what is scaring me the most. All the doctors have assured us that they do these kinds of procedures all the time, but that only helps a little bit. Words like anesthesia and surgery just don’t belong in a sentence that also includes a baby.


6 thoughts on “The Monkey Bump

  1. First: You have such gorgeous children!
    Second: I hope that the scans tomorrow go well and show that the bump isn’t growing towards his brain. No matter what the case may be, I’m sure he will well taken care of by both the doctors and his moms.

  2. He’s adorable! That said, I totally get the fear. RR had to go under to get tubes in her ears and, even though it has been a year, I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about it. My only advice is to be mentally and physically prepared for when he wakes up. Our doctor assured us that most babies fuss for only a moment when they wake up but RR screamed at the top of her lungs without pause for 30 minutes. In retrospect, we should have brought the really high value toy. Deep breaths!

  3. Neither M nor I have ever been put under either, and Bunny had to be put under for the circumcision when he was 6 months old. He was on pain medication (morphine) when he woke up, so he was super groggy and just miserable about being in the hospital again. For him, nursing was the only thing that made it better.

    Seeing how raw and bloody he was for weeks afterwards and thinking about how we could have avoided it all if we had only had him circumcised at birth was horrible.

    BUT it was totally worth it. For us because he hasn’t had a kidney infection since last December. As hard as it is, I’m sure it will be worth it for you guys, as well. And the risks really are minimal with medical technology as advanced as it is.

  4. Thinking of you guys today! It sounds like it’s incredibly likely that everything will go very smoothly with the procedure and this will soon be a distant memory. But no wonder it sounds scary! Hoping for good news from the scans.

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