I’m at the end. This family MUST get better. So many wonderful things have happened to us since the last forever when I posted, but at the moment I’m trapped in whiny-negativity land.

I was so eager to get past summer and into fall and since fall has arrived we have been nothing but sick around here. First there was croup and then there was a REVOLTING stomach flu that had Yogi vomiting all over his horsey costume after only the first house in his Trick-or-Treating career, and since the beginning of last week there has been the sinus infection FROM HELL.

Looking back the croup really wasn’t so awful. No one else got it and as long as we kept the humidifier running the seal barking was fairly controlled. The stomach virus was a bad deal for everyone. Yogi and my wife were hit the hardest, but all of us got a touch. A toddler throwing up in his sleep is both scary and disgusting and I hope to steer clear of that brand of illness for as long as we can.

The latest yuck-fest is just a little too much. It started last Monday when Yogi woke up screaming bc his eyes wouldn’t open. They were sealed shut with awful green sludge. A hot rag took care of it, but within a half hour his eyes were goopy again. That got us worked in at the pediatricians’ office (after hours) and Yogi’s first round of antibiotics. The sludge is gone but my happy Yogi is still not back. In his place I’ve got a meltdown-a-minute, fussy, sick kid. Oh AND two sick Mommies. One of whom is on on day 8 of a 12 day work week. The sleep deficit around here is crippling.

None of that even really matters though. What does matter is that at the sinus infection appt, the doctor was checking Monkey and became concerned about a bump between his eyes. The kind of concern that gets you a referral to a neurosurgeon. For your baby. Crushing. We’ve been assured that it’s likely not to be anything like cancer, but that it will need to be removed. Which means surgery and general anesthesia and potentially some involvement with his brain (we’ll need a scan to know about that).

I’m pretty sure that is called burying the lede, but it’s all I can do to even type that. I do believe we’re all going to be ok eventually, but right now that feels very far away.

4 thoughts on “Exhaustion

  1. What an exhausting and scary time of it you’ve had/are having! My heart goes out to the four of you. Hopefully, Monkey’s bump is simply one of those little idiosyncracies of being human and can be resolved as simply and painlessly as possible. Still, the idea of any kind of surgery on a baby is terrifying. We’ll be holding you in the light sweet friends! And good riddance to your many germs. May you now have full immunity against the impending season!

  2. Sending lots of love and sleep vibes your way. We have been thinking about you a lot lately and know that things will get better soon.

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