People Cry

Initiating a challenge is clearly the kiss of death. At least for me. I’ll save you the Why Can I Not Make Time for Writing?!!! rant and leave it at – Well, there went 11 days.

Today’s fruit prompt did little to inspire my creativity so I’ve gotten nothing on the photo front. What I do have is an answer to a question that I’ve been getting a lot lately.

Q: What’s the major (challenging) difference between two kids and one?

A: Crying.

I imagine this may be different for folks that have a larger age gap between their kids, but at my house people cry. There is no getting around it. I only have so many hands. When Yogi, teetering on the edge of pre-nap meltdown, simply must have the book on the very top shelf while I am feeding Monkey, he’s not getting the book. Toddler crisis un-averted. Similarly, when Monkey decides to be d.o.n.e. with laying on his tummy while I’m getting Yogi ready for nap, the boy’s got to work through it. Simple as that.

This is one of those things that, in the abstract, is fabulous. I’m all for greasing their delay of gratification wheels as early as possible. These are important lessons after all. Life skills. Nobody wants their kid to grow up to be the jerk that thinks it’s all about him. But…… fussing and crying is no picnic. It’s painful here in the short-term.

As much as I’m sure that the constellation of my family is a blessing, obstructing me as it does from swooping in and solving everyone’s problems before they even realize that they have them,  most of the time it is a blessing that is very much in disguise. All of this whining and dissatisfaction and frustration will wear a person down. It gets to you.

It may not have been the most forward-thinking strategy, but man did it feel good to just tend to Yogi’s needs whenever he voiced them. To anticipate them even. So peaceful and harmonious. These days, I do what I can. Five months into Life with Two Kids, I’m mellowing a bit. A very tiny bit. Life is messier and much, much louder, but I’m finding my place within it. Often with my free hand over my ear.



A recent picture of Loudy #2 (in all of his striped glory) at the Zoo.


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