What I Read

I am a voracious reader. When I think about all the books that I will never be able to read (it just isn’t possible to read them all), it makes me deeply sad. This is not overstatement. I also read lots of books at the same time and always have. I had no idea this was weird until I mentioned it to a friend in middle school and she gave me a look that said that I was even odder than she had thought. Weird or not, I like having a few things going at once.

This is my current nightstand stack. A little parenting, some essays and two novels. I’m also listening to a book on audio – the new Jeanette Winterson (read by the author – woot! woot!), but it ruined the shot. The only real downside to this is that it makes travel heavier. And yes, I know that I could buy a Kindle/Nook/whatever, but then I wouldn’t be reading a book.

What are you reading?


5 thoughts on “What I Read

  1. M reads like you. She always has 3 or 4 books going on her side of the bed. I have been a much less dedicated reader since I became an English teacher and even slower since I became a mom. I’m reading World War Z. I LOVE it and got about halfway through but then baby got sick and I haven’t picked it up since. Max Brooks is my new hero.

  2. I’m reading the Builders by PS Powers – fraught with typos but a good story. Another on tree identification, a textbook on herbal remedy preparation and about 17 kindle samples. Speaking of – I should get on those in my few remaining moments o naptime peace.

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