Right Now: The Farm Edition



  • Yogi sat on a horse for the first time and as you can tell, he was pumped.
  • We took a spur of the moment trip to Muzzie and Grandpa’s house and Yogi spent three whole days at what he calls, Muzzie’s Farm. He helped wash and feed the horses, clean the barn and chase the cat.
  • After actually forgetting our wedding anniversary until we received a card in the mail from my Mother (oh my! that can’t be good) we enjoyed a lovely weekend in the mountains and it felt quite celebratory.
  • How did we FORGET our anniversary?! Both of us?! The parenting life is an all-consuming one, but I don’t feel that disconnected from my marriage. Oh well, at least our friends and family remembered.
  • Yogi can still wear the 12-18 mo jeans he was wearing last winter. In fact, they are now a better fit as they no longer have to be cuffed.
  • Yesterday 4 mo old Monkey wore the bear pants that Yogi was wearing when he was 9 months old.
  • I’m struggling to get back on the regular exercise wagon. I’m shooting for 20-30 minutes four times a week.This has been one of the bigger challenges of having two kids. It wasn’t easy with one, but at least I could get something done while he napped. Currently I can’t seem to get both boys asleep at the same time during daylight hours. Long stroller walks are also out because Yogi will only deal with the stroller for short periods of time. Cross your fingers for me.
  • Last week we pulled out the fall clothes. We’ve got long sleeves and pants lining the closets and it looks fabulous to me.
  • A few days ago we discovered that Monkey is VERY ticklish. My wife was rubbing a little lotion around his collarbone and he began the most wonderful belly laughing.
  • I’m searching for the perfect smoothie recipe involving pumpkin. Any recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Right Now: The Farm Edition

  1. Hmm, if I were going to make a pumpkin smoothie, I’d use almond milk, chai type spices (cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper), and a bit of maple syrup if needed for sweetness. I don’t think pumpkin and banana will appeal as a combo, so it won’t be as smooth as a banana smoothie would. Maybe a little mango, although I’m allergic, so I won’t be trying that.

    Ok, Yogi on a horse is ADORABLE!

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