Right Now

  • Yogi is committed to being absolutely certain that I’m serious about my no throwing food rule. His commitment is so strong that he frequently has dinner on the porch.
  • It’s looking like Monkey is coming down with some version of the stomach bug Yogi just recovered from.
  • I’m hoping I don’t get it.
  • Monkey spends many happy, drooly moments in his Bumbo sans safety belt. 😉
  • Thanks to our generous neighbors and plenty of strategically placed blankets, he also has a bouncer to bounce in. See below.
  • My wife has a terribly mangled hamstring, hasn’t run in more than a week, has no possibility of future runs on the horizon for quite.some.time and is continuing to show up for all of each day like the rock star she  is.
  • I am reading The Devil in  the Details: Scenes from an Obsessive Girlhood (Jennifer Traig) and thinking that it is fabulous. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, religion and memoir all rolled into one. Win!
  • I have discovered Jeff Lewis and Flipping Out. It is possible that the Bravo network will be my undoing.
  • I desperately want to see the new (thinking it’s no longer new at this point) Wes Anderson movie in the theatre. Actually any movie in a theater would be good.
  • After the wild success of our trip to San Francisco, we are planning two more adventures. One to the beach (this will be a first for the boys) and one camping. Fun!!


4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. That baby is SO CUTE. I want to eat him. I mean, his cheeks. Er, you know. 🙂 We’re also in the throwing food phase. And also the opening-mouth-to-dump-chewed-food stage. Mama does not love it. Hope it ends soon, for both of us!

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