We Survived the Summer!

Today was Yogi’s first day of school as a 2 year old. He’s still a Tuesday/Thursday morning guy, but he’s in a new room with new teachers and his very favorite friend from last year (Lily) has switched to MWF. I’ve been preoccupied with how he would handle the new environment and in classic Yogi fashion, he was a star. I got lost on the way to his classroom and was making spazzy conversations with the other parents on the way into the room, but he waltzed right in with neither lovie nor paci and headed straight to the elevated race track. He was almost too busy to be bothered when I hugged him goodbye.

When he started school last year he wasn’t walking or talking. Man does it go fast.

And this is my new T/TH morning companion. We haven’t really had much time to ourselves and I’m looking forward to Monkey and Mama time.

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