A Week in San Francisco

Yesterday afternoon we returned from a week-long trip to San Francisco. I was so anxious prior to the trip that I couldn’t even blog about it. Now that we’re all home, I couldn’t be happier that we took the plunge. My wife was making the trip for a conference and we all decided to go along for the ride. With a baby, a toddler, super-long plane trips and a crazy busy city, we decided to bring Nana (my Mom) with us. The five us had a fabulous time. I’m eager to write more extensively about the trip, but for now I’ll share some pictures.
One thing this trip had plenty of was ice cream. Yogi loved every last scoop.

Yogi has always loved these guys and so we were thrilled to meet actual starfish at the Aquarium at the Bay. He was even able to pet them!

Fun lunches with Mama and the boys. Monkey is hiding in the Ergo.

Yogi introduces Monkey to the wonderful world of plastic frogs.

This was just one of the cool things that we found at the Bay Discovery Museum. I am now entirely obsessed with this place and already want to return. Also, we went TWICE during a 6 day trip.

Mommy and Yogi share a picnic lunch in the kids play space at Yerba Buena Gardens. Do they not have exactly the same expression on their faces?

Monkey and Mommy do their morning push-ups.

Yogi makes some friends at the Children’s Quarter in Golden Gate Park.

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