3 Month Monkey

It’s been a milestone kind of week at my house. Monkey has finally exited the dreaded (for me) territory of infancy and entered smily, drooly babyhood. I could not be more relieved. His infancy has confirmed my status as someone who is not-so-great with infants. Now I’m not saying that I can’t provide good care, but providing that care absolutely overwhelms me. There is something about the all-consuming need of a newborn that sucks the air right out of my lungs. Terrifying doesn’t entirely capture the feeling. Now that the little dude has been around for awhile, he seems to have his own thing going and that comforts me. He giggles in his swing and stares at the fan with the kind of fascination that makes me hesitate before interrupting. There is most definitely a little person in there.

So far that little person is quite jovial. He has almost none of the little-old-man seriousness of his big brother and is pretty much all giggles, all the time. He LOVES kissing and shrieks when I grab him for cheek nibbles. He goes down for the night (in his crib – hooray!!) by 8 and wakes up twice during the night to eat. These feedings are usually at about midnight and then again at 4am. He’s up with everyone else in the house between 6 and 7 and is taking somewhere in the neighborhood of 3-4 naps a day. Also he downs a 4oz bottle every 2-2.5 hours when my wife’s at work. The kid can definitely eat.

8 thoughts on “3 Month Monkey

  1. He is gorgeous. Also, I’m with you on the infant stage. It was really hard for me with both kids. Congrats on moving past the “I might break the baby, holding him or not!” months!

  2. Awww! What a cutie!
    And I definitely agree with finding 3 months waaaaayyy more manageable than the newborn stage. One of the books-about-babies that I read had a chapter on “the newborn” and another one on “the settled baby”. I love that distinction between the brand-new, completely unpredictable newborn and the baby whose temperment, moods and needs you start to know a little about.

  3. I’ve been reading reading reading along (I’ve just been lousy at commenting), and I’ve wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your beyond.sweet photos, your stories of how it comes together with two, and your honesty about your difficulties with the new.new baby stage (which I share). I honestly have no idea how you ever have time to blog with two, but I’m so grateful each and every time that you do. There’s something about your narrative voice that does for me what half an hour with my feet up and a cup of tea can do. So, thanks.

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