Birth Days

My wife and I have been parents for two years. August 15 isn’t only Yogi’s birthday, it’s ours as well. It is impossible to articulate all that changed on that day. More than even the day of our wedding, August 15 marks the moment when new parts of both of us were born. Certainly there have been shifts to accompany all manner of big life event, but they seemed so much more gradual. August 15 was one tremendously powerful “poof!”. Looking back, I’m fairly sure that I spent the first few months of Yogi’s life in pure shock. One moment we were having a baby and the idea of it was quite lovely and the next moment….. we had an actual baby. Nothing theoretical about it. I was entirely unprepared for the enormity of the pure fact of Yogi.

We had a child.

We had a son.

We were parents.

The three of us were a family.

Two years later, the dust is only beginning to settle. Being a parent is the most beautiful, impossible, perspective-shifting space I’ve ever occupied. I am simply not the same person that I was on August 14 of 2010. To mark the occasion, my wife found the most perfect gift. It is a necklace with three tiny pendants, each bearing the first initial of my people. Aside from the differences in letters, each one is entirely unique. Different metals, different shapes, even slight differences in size. Perfect. I love the sounds they make, jangling together with my movements.


*Yes, Yogi did have his own celebration and it was fabulous. I’m eager to get all of it down (including pictures), but I had to write about this first.



5 thoughts on “Birth Days

  1. Happy Birthday, Yogi! And congrats to his parents too! Before becoming a parent I only had a vague sense of what a kid’s (especially a first-born’s) birthday might mean to his/her parent. Thank you for capturing this!
    And the necklace sounds lovely. Pictures??

  2. That’s such a sweet photo. Very well put about how the lovely *idea* of a child turned everything upside and inside out once said child was out of the belly and into your arms. Baby J was born shortly after Yogi was … can’t believe they’re both two! WOW. Happy anniversar(ies).

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