My Chefs

Yogi is an enthusiastic chef. He hops on his tower at every meal so he can help “cook”. He oversees all of the preparation and is happy to participate as long as the dish requires. He likes to hold each ingredient (“I hold it”) and he’s gotten quite good at what he calls “dumping” everything in the bowl/skillet.

Yesterday we received the most fun surprise from the UPS man. Some friends ordered Yogi his very own Chef apron and hat. He’s not sold on the hat yet, but he LOVES the apron.

Mommy “cooks” coffee while Yogi supervises.


One thought on “My Chefs

  1. Aww, so cute! I wish my kitchen were big enough for Curly to help more often, but is very excited to help bake on the occasions I can bring everything out to the dining room. And yes, dumping is the best part!

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