Two More Weeks

Maternity leave is drawing to a close. We’ve got two more weeks and I’m feeling surprisingly settled.

Not so long ago my heart would race at just the thought of my wife’s return to work. The work of caring for both of these boys has been exhausting with all four of our hands on deck. Yogi is unbelievably energetic and busy and Monkey has not been the easiest baby.

The poor guy spent most of his early waking life uncomfortable and fussy (read: crying), but he’s growing up. Already. :(. He now spends time with his eyes open, looking around and (I really think this is true) smiling. We still have rough patches of inconsolable crying, but they are becoming much less frequent. All of this makes it much easier for me to manage what I have in less attractive moments termed his “barnacle nature”. Monkey is not so much a baby as a barnacle. I’m pretty sure that if he could figure out how to swing it, he would burrow himself inside your body. Again. The guy puts my snuggling prowess to shame. In fact, he has taught me something about myself. I am a snuggler, not a snugglee. I like to call the snuggling shots. I snuggle you, not the other way around. I’m a bit of a cat that way. So far the Ergo with infant insert has been a lifesaver and I’m imagining that I have lots of baby wearing ahead.

Yogi is becoming more independent every day and he’s pretty enamored with Monkey. His little brother is the first person he wants to find when he gets out of his crib in the morning and he kisses his head each night before story time. He laughs hysterically when Monkey gets the “hic-um-ups” and is never too immersed in something to shout “Bess u Monkey!” when he hears a sneeze. He’s thrown a few toys his way and has been known to steal a paci right out of Monkey’s mouth, but other than that he’s nothing but sweet.

Now instead of bursting out in tears after we get both boys down for the night because I cannot.imagine how I will manage all of this alone, I’m beginning to think that we’re going to be ready. I can actually imagine the rhythm of our days. With two weeks left I want to savor every moment of this precious family time and welcome the next regular life chapter as it unfolds.

A few pictures from Pride. Monkey was there, but taking a picture of someone in a bucket with a shade over their head is no fun.


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