Saturdays in the Summertime

I’m a longstanding fan of Sundays, but Saturday is my new favorite day of the week. Saturdays in the summertime feature almost every one of my favorite things rolled up into one day.

If you’re a longtime reader this will come as no surprise, but I LOVE a ritual. Something fabulous repeated on a loop is both comforting and exciting. We have settled into a highly satisfying Saturday routine and it looks like this:

Once the four of are up and rolling, we begin a leisurely (some might call it s.l.o.w)  walk to the neighborhood Farmers Market. Depending on how hot the morning is we either take Monkey in the Bjorn (cooler) or the stroller (hotter). When we don’t have time (or patience) for Yogi’s leisurely pace, he rides in what he calls the “big backpack”. It’s one of those huge framed contraptions and usually my wife carries it. Along the route Yogi greets every dog by name (and there are many) and most of the flowers. There’s lots of “pink flowa! white flowa!” and adorable amounts of pet friendliness. Since we take walks at least every day (sometimes multiple times) we’ve managed to meet just about everyone on the circuit. This means that we either greet or speculate on the whereabouts (Yogi’s favorite guess – napping) of no fewer than 10 animals each day. His favorites are Coco, Hank and Louie, Shelby, and Polka.

The Farmers Market begins at 9 and that is usually around the time we arrive. We come with bags for produce and a blanket for eating popsicles and visiting with friends. The weekend Farmers Market is a kind of social center for our neighborhood and in addition to stocking up on good food we also look forward to catching up with friends. A handful of families spread out blankets in the center of the circle of vendors and enjoy the local musicians and all of the yummy food. There are often a few food trucks and Yogi’s popsicle friends are a fixture. He requests a popsicle every time and with flavors like Avocado, Strawberry Lime and Cayenne Chocolate we always get one to share. In addition to music and vendors selling everything from fruits, veggies, eggs, and meat to hummus and salsa, there is also the bread guy, the raw food people and Yogi’s other personal favorite, the Montessori math tutor. Her name is Susan and she has all sorts of “works” to explore. Yesterday he spent almost an hour in her little tent.

Although he’s still pretty bummed that strawberries are out of season, he’s giving peaches and corn a chance.

After a few hours we begin the trek back home. Along the way we usually make a stop at the park. Monkey hangs out in a shady spot and Yogi swings and piles bark at the bottom of all the slides (??) and climbs on anything and everything. By the time we arrive back at the house Yogi is ready for nap.

Pre-Monkey nap time was an oasis of quiet and calm and Mommy time. These days it’s hit or miss. Sometimes their naps coincide and we have at least 90 minutes of adult time while the sun in shining. On other days Monkey decides that Yogi nap time is the perfect time for extended wakefulness.

When Yogi rises for the afternoon we usually feed him a quick lunch (most often fruit and cheese) and head to yet another park for a standing Sat afternoon music festival. Yogi hops in the bike trailer and rides with Mommy and Monkey and I make our way in the car. (Poor Monkey…. one day he’ll have head control.) Once the four of us meet up at the park we scope a shady spot and settle in with our blanket.

Yogi’s first order of business is getting Mommy over to the ice cream. He’s up for any flavor as long as it’s ice cream. Mommy once tried to slide some sherbet by him, but he wasn’t having it. Ice cream is ice cream. I’ve befriended a food truck that sells snowballs and I’ve been trying a different flavor every week. My favorites so far are Raspberry Wedding Cake and Chocolate Covered Cherry. Yum! In addition to the snacking there is also dancing, dog admiration, people watching and car racing. Everywhere we go there is car racing.

By the time we arrive home it’s time for a quick dinner and tub. If Yogi isn’t too tired he gets lots of bubbles and bath play time. If it’s late and/or he’s tired we bring him in the shower with us. Then it’s time for stories with Mommy and what Yogi calls “tuck in”.

These days my wife and I make it about an hour after Yogi turns in, but it feels good to collapse at the end of a good day.


3 thoughts on “Saturdays in the Summertime

  1. sigh, that sounds like a perfect day.
    i wish our farmers’ market opened at 9; ours starts at 7 and you have to get there early to get any of the good produce. makes for a hectic start to the day (but yummy food to have all weekend!)

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