The Monkey Belly

Yesterday we went in for Monkey’s 2nd well baby visit. Here are the numbers:

Height: 22.5″ (85%)
Weight: 10lbs, 12ozs (75%)
Head Circumference: 15″ (75%)

It looks like Yogi’s got a big, little brother. 😉

At a month old the little dude is clearly rocking and rolling. Although he’s a champion breastfeeder and he and my wife have had none of the latch trouble that she and Yogi did, his belly gives him some trouble. He’s fairly miserable (crying, fussing, back arching, spitting up) for about an hour after each feeding. My wife has cut out dairy and caffeine and we’re keeping him upright for 30 minutes after each meal and that is helping a bit.

We have good days and bad days. I have no idea how I’m going to manage his needs with Yogi’s when my wife goes back to work, but for now I’m taking it one day at a time. He will be older then, right? So far I’ve only had a few hour stretches with both boys by myself.

For now I just keep reminding myself that lots of people have two kids (and many people have twins – bless your patient souls) and that most of those kids turn out ok and very few of those parents are admitted to mental hospitals.



6 thoughts on “The Monkey Belly

  1. Yoyo, I’m here! Sounds like classic reflux symptoms. If you don’t experience relief from the dietary changes I cannot recommend zantac enough. It made Curly a totally new baby once he was medicated. We were able to phase it out after a few months when his little system finished developing. As a bonus, he actually LIKES taking medicine.

    But seriously, good luck with the 2, people do it all the time, because once they get this far, there’s no turning back!!

  2. Welcome Nutella! We’re thinking reflux as well. Do you remember how long it took after starting the medicine before you noticed a change in Curly?

    There’s definitely no turning back! 😉

  3. The change was immediate in Curly. Like, suddenly he began sleeping 4 hour stretches when before it was hardly anything. Again, cannot recommend it enough, but the dosage is very weight-dependent and needs to be adjusted over time as the baby gets heavier.

  4. Awww, poor little dude. Definitely sounds like reflux. He’ll grow out of it once his esophagus gets a little longer, but in the meantime it’s pretty miserable. 😦 You can try adding pro-biotics to his digestive system, on top of a prescription medication. I’ve also heard that reflux can be caused by a lack of acidity in the tummy, but you’d have to talk to a naturopath about that, as I’m not entirely positive about that. 🙂

  5. Yogi is getting hair! as well as a growing brother. Happy to follow along with you all. hope things improve with the sleep and reflux. yuck.

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