All Quiet on the Monkey Front

Our afternoon appointment with the OB was totally uneventful, just the way I like it. Her cervix is closed and showing no signs of thinning. Unlike last time (Yogi’s pregnancy) when I believed this actually meant something significant, something more than this is the state of affairs at this precise moment and means nothing about what may develop five minutes from now, I am well aware that everything might look entirely different in the morning. But, I’m feeling optimistic.
Optimistic at this point means that I’m no longer convinced that Monkey will get here before her grandparents do. I’m thinking that we’ll get this one to 37 weeks. As long as I can hold out this cup half full feeling for a few more days I’ll be in the clear. Muzzie and Grandpa will be in town next week and I will be free to labor with my wife when the time comes.
On the laboring with my wife front I wanted to thank you guys for sharing your thoughts about doulas when I was wavering awhile back. After lots of discussion we’ve made the doula decision and we’re excited about it. When we realized how unlike our ideal labor a VBAC was going to be (continuous monitoring and readiness to move to the OR if the ute shows signs of rupture – a minuscule risk, but one our OB isn’t comfortable dismissing) I wasn’t sure how a doula could really help us. So….. we asked the doula. A brilliant idea, no?
Our conversation with her was a good one and we now have a clearer picture of what our options are. The first goal is to labor at home as long as we can. Everyone on the Monkey team is pretty risk-averse so I can’t imagine we’ll go overboard with this. Once we get to the hospital the word is limit the intervention.  Everyone (OB, doula, us) is on board so hopefully all will be well.
Entirely unrelated to anything I’ve just talked about, I have to let you know that our Baker (AKA Bake, The Hungarian Supermodel, or just The Viszla) passed away on Monday.  Baker was my wife’s first baby and although he during much of what turned out to be the last weeks of his life, we loved him dearly. Yogi says his name about twenty times a day and it’s sad to realize that Monkey will never know him.


3 thoughts on “All Quiet on the Monkey Front

  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Baker's passing. That's tough timing. How's Yogi taking it?

    And in other news, Monkey's almost here! How freakin' exciting is that? I'm stoked to have a baby blog to stalk again 😉 And I think that you guys will be super happy to have your doula there, though I could have some bias in that department.

    Sending lots of good thoughts your way… (jlg)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. We lost our Scout just over 1 year ago and HP still talks about her every once in awhile.

    Glad Monkey is staying put for a bit. Can't wait to see him/her!

  3. I'm so sorry about the loss of Baker. And I'm sure Yogi will innocently keep asking about him too, but at least you know that means he's made a loving impression that will remain forever in his heart.

    Glad that Monkey is sticking to the plan so far!

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