Sleep Beautiful Sleep

It’s working!!!!!

Between the hours of 7:30pm and 6:00am there has been only one person in Yogi’s room and that person (appropriately enough) is Yogi. Last night was night three and I have yet to have a breakdown. 
It was nice to know that you guys were cheering for us and I took the turn off the monitor/put in headphones advice and I only felt guilty about it for the first few minutes. I decided to leave the monitor on but turned the volume down all the way so that I could grab a quick look (we have the video version) if things got crazy sounding so that I could reassure myself that he wasn’t actually in danger. It’s been a great system and although I didn’t time it (trying to keep my obsessiveness in check) I think his longest crying jag was about an hour. That was the first night and he’s yet to have such a long stretch since then.
Aside from the fact that we are staying in our own beds all.night.long (what a luxury) I am most thrilled with the fact that Yogi is waking up in the cheerful, ready to read books mood that until this crazy remodel he’s always had. I had prepared myself to meet a pissy little Yogi on that first morning (after all we had abandoned him, right?!), but he was all smiles. What a welcome change from the grump we’ve had on our hands over the last few weeks.
Oh sleep, how I have missed you!

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