35 Weeks Pregnant in Las Vegas

I still can’t believe it myself.

Yesterday afternoon my wife (and Monkey) boarded a plane for Sin City. She had a conference presentation on the calendar months before we got pregnant with Monkey. When we did get pregnant and  realized this trip would fall so late in the pregnancy I was not thrilled. We agreed that she would see her OB a few days before the trip and if she felt anything odd at all, she would cancel the talk. Friday at the doctor her cervix was long and closed and so up on the airplane she went.
Happily, she made it safely and the altitude didn’t seem to have any kind of weird labor-inducing effect. As I type she’s delivering her talk and in the morning she’ll be back on the plane headed for home.
I don’t know what the deal with medical conferences and Las Vegas is, but somehow both of my children have visited in utero. How weird is that? At 34, I’ve never been. It’s not on my places to go short list (or long list for that matter), but it still seems wrong.

4 thoughts on “35 Weeks Pregnant in Las Vegas

  1. it's not on my short or long list either. That being said, you are a brave woman and I bet you will be much relieved when both arrive home safe tomorrow! Glad she had a good flight there.

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