The Southland in the Springtime

It was time to shake things up a bit around here, so we’ve got a new look. I’m not head over heels but until I’m willing to pay actual money for other people’s knowledge of HTML, it will have to do.

Perhaps it’s all the sunshine and cherry blossoms or the construction zone of a home we’re living in or the fact that my wife looks more pregnant right now than she looked on the day she delivered Yogi, but I’ve got Spring Fever. In a big way. I think I’m channeling Ezra Pound.

Make it NEW!

My poetry professor would be proud.

But it’s all true. I’ve got the bug. I’m dying to strike out in novel directions. Find unfamiliar running routes, cook something totally outside of my comfort zone, publish an e-book. It’s an unusual feeling for my routine loving self. I think it really only comes around once a year. At least for me. 

It’s one of the reasons I was thrilled that Monkey will be a Spring baby. My energy is always highest at this time of year. Seems compatible with an I have no idea how to sleep newborn, don’t you think? My favorite time of the year is Fall, but Spring certainly has its own charms. A strong first runner-up.

Aside from being a bit on the hyper side, I’m also trying to keep up with the (how is it even possible?) increasingly active Yogi while preparing the house/my mind/my patience for Monkey. We are five weeks from the 37 week appearance of Yogi and thank heavens finally, I’m ready.

It happened all at once. The moment before I was bemoaning the fact that NO ONE in my house is sleeping as we’re all sharing one room (and have been for THREE weeks!!) and it’s totally not.right that we’re forgoing sleep before Monkey even gets here and woe is me and how will I do this and then……. poof! In the next moment I felt that I must meet this baby right this minute feeling that I’ve not yet had in this pregnancy.

Certainly it’s much too soon for the baby to come, but I’ve got room for him now. I’ve done whatever crazy internal shuffling it is that I do (this state is most notable for obsessive research and fairly complete radio silence) and now I’m ready. It feels pretty darn good.

Thank you Spring!

How does the shift from Winter into Spring effect you? Beyond the external (weather) changes, how do you notice the transition?


One thought on “The Southland in the Springtime

  1. I totally agree that there's “something” about this time of year. I am in a way better mood whenever Spring weather rolls around. I'm from the south and just moved a little further up north last year and realized I don't enjoy “cold” weather as much as I thought I did. I can also definitely tell I'm way more motivated to get things done that I've been needing to do all winter.

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