Reading in a Dump Truck

I’m enjoying my Sunday AM coffee shop date with myself, strolling back through recent posts when I noticed something.  Where is Yogi?  I haven’t posted a picture of the boy in entirely too long.  The larger problem is that I haven’t taken a picture of the boy in way too long.  Bad Mama.  I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how he is growing up so fast and he’s a different boy every day and yet….. I’m not taking pictures.  😦  Oh well.  Course correction ahead.
For now, here are some pictures I took recently with the phone on my camera.  Yogi’s grandparents found this nifty little dump truck and he decided that it made the perfect reading nook.  Here he is “reading” one of his tiny board books.  Muzzie taught him how to put his face right into the center and chatter at top volume.  Yogi reads!!!

This is the “I’ve finished my book and now I can’t get out of this thing” face.  Help!!!

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