Toddler on Plane a Success

If you have to travel by plane, meet your in-laws in an airport, and rent a minivan and a car-seat before arriving at your final Turkey Day Celebration destination it would be hard to have a better time of it than we had. In spite of traveling the day before Thanksgiving, we had not one travel snafu. No delays, no frantic rushing and no meltdowns. Yogi had a blast at the airport and if I didn’t think it sounded completely crazy I would say that he enjoyed the plane. I guess I did say it and I really think he did. I could learn alot from this kid.

Now it’s 8 o’clock and my eyes are closing. The three of us (my wife will be pushing Yogi) will be running in a Turkey Trot in the AM so we need our rest. 😉 I probably need something more along the lines of a miracle as I haven’t run this distance since before Yogi was born, but sleep will have to do.

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving everyone!

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