It Begins

My alarm is set for 5am.  Happy Holidays!!!!
We’ve done baby on the plane and tomorrow morning we will be doing toddler on the plane.  Pray for me…..
Actually, I think we’re ready.  As ready as we can be.  The dog is boarded, the bags are packed, I know what I will be contributing to the holiday meal and my wife has rented the car seat.  As far as I can tell, we’ve done everything we can do.  
We will be making the trip with two checked bags, one carry-on toy bag and the Ergo.  That’s it.  No stroller, no high chair, no diaper bag.  Hopefully we can do it.  I’m having a hard time imagining Yogi sitting happily on our laps for two hours,  but I’m believing that it is possible.  He’s a trooper, right?
This time tomorrow we will be in the great state of Texas.  Austin here we come! 
Happy It’s Almost Thanksgiving!

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