Toddler Signs

Although the title certainly suggests it, this is not a post about baby sign language.  It is a post about our son’s new ability to leave small Yogi was Here signs all over our house.  Now that he is mobile (read: EVERYWHERE) life is getting much more interesting.  And messy.  Much, much more messy.  It is also the case that when one of us can’t find something that we need (phone, hairbrush, tube of toothpaste) it is most helpful to ask “What Would Yogi Do?”  Luckily there is usually only one answer to the WWYD question.  That answer?  Cram it in the farm silo.  If he can get it through the opening, it’s going in.  Simple as that.
What follows is a list of some of the recent signs that Yogi was Here:
  • My Playaway (library rental) of Bossypants nestled safely in the blender (no blade).
  • Small plastic sheep (sans fro, he would never part with Fro Sheep) in the Taxes 2010 hanging file.  I noticed this when I was filing a medical receipt and thought “That folder looks really chunky.”
  • My mouse (it’s wireless) discovered (thankfully pre-wash) in the washing machine.
  • Yogi’s copy of Snuggle Puppy piled (not on top-weird?) in the stack of books by my side of the bed.
  • Brightly colored (and terribly painful when stepped on) golf ball sized plastic hazards anywhere and everywhere

You get the idea.  The boy is a blast, but things are definitely getting messy around here!


One thought on “Toddler Signs

  1. This is fabulous. My partner just read this post over my shoulder and we both cracked up. She said, “this is our life!”. At our house, asking “why is the ______ in the ________” is a silly question, because the answer is always the same. Our favorite recent example of this: my partner's iPod nano had disappeared for weeks and we couldn't find it anywhere. One day our son walks in to the dining room saying, “oh, yook, I have a yittle computer.” We still have no idea where he had stashed it all that time….

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