NaNoBloPo BlogRoll and Resources

Here is a list of bloggers who will be participating in NaNoBloPo during November.  (If you’re joining in and don’t see your blog here, please leave a link in the comments.  I would love to add you.)  This means that you can expect to see a post from them each day this month, so click the links and cheer them on!  A little friendly encouragement is a good thing.
I’ve also gathered a list of prompts for use when you want to write, but you just can’t get going.  Thanks to everyone who helped me get this list together!  Even if you’re not in the NaNoBloPo marathon, these topics might spark something for use in your own writing.
  • Quirky Kids – what’s the quirkiest/goofiest thing your kid(s) does?
  • Meal Time – what’s your families’ current favorite meal?
  • Toys – any favorites?  suggestions for other parents?
  • Traveling – favorite trip with your child? trip you’re looking forward to taking one day? tips for traveling with young kids?
  • School – what type of school will/does your child attend? how did/will you go about finding it? why did/will you select the type that you did/will?
  • Reasons – Why did you decide to become a parent?
  • Decisions, Decisions – How did you and your partner decide who was going to carry your child?  What lead you to that decision?
  • The Male Influence – Do you feel it’s important to provide your child with a male role model in his/her life?  If so, who is the role model and what relationship does he have with your child?
  • Hummmm…. – What do you think would be different about parenting if you were in a “traditional” relationship?
  • Getting Ready – What did you do to prepare for the arrival of your child?  What do you wish you had done differently?
  • Expectations – What were your thoughts on how you would parent before your child arrived?
  • The First Day – What do you remember the most about the day your child arrived into your life?
  • The Name – How did you choose your child’s name? What is the meaning behind it? Does your child’s name fit him/her? (You don’t have to share it to post on this topic)
  • Surprises – What surprised you the most about being a new parent?
  • Grandparents – Did having a child change the way you thought or felt about your own parents?
  • The Beginning – What was your biggest challenge in the early days of parenting?
  • Being You – How do you maintain a personal identity outside of being a mom?
  • Older Moms – Did you have a baby at the “advanced maternal age” of 35+? Share your experiences.

Good luck to everyone this month!  I look forward to reading.


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