The Yogi Turtle

Although Yogi thinks these two guys are great on any other day, he wasn’t so sure about the bat and mummy who wanted so very much to play with him.

Yogi Turtle and Mama.

Yogi Turtle and Mommy.

Last night we went to a Halloween party hosted by my wife’s department chair.  Last year Yogi spent the evening snoozing in a bucket.  This year he was toddling at high rates of speed, usually with the goal of getting away from the over-friendly bat pictured above.  After two nights of rough sleep, we weren’t willing to push bedtime back too far but we managed to have fun during the brief time we were there. 

When we got home I had bought lots of candy and was eager for Trick or Treaters.  This is our first Halloween in our new neighborhood and I wanted to see what kind of traffic we would get.  My wife was putting Yogi to bed and I was optimistic about all the costumed  little people I was about to meet when the first group arrived. 

And the dog started barking like a LUNATIC.

I hadn’t even thought about that.  There is no way to have Trick or Treaters AND a dog AND a baby that actually sleeps.  So, I turned out the porch lights and gave it up.  At least the party was fun. 😉


3 thoughts on “The Yogi Turtle

  1. I loved having trick or treaters come by my home – the lack of trick or treaters is one of the things that makes me sad about living in a downtown apartment building. Glad to hear that the party was fun. That turtle costume is adorable.

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