Yogi’s Latest Trick

After a weekend of call spent at the hospital (grumble, grumble, grumble) my wife took the day off yesterday.  We spent the morning at the zoo and the afternoon playing with friends who just had a new baby.  Their second.  Yogi followed their two year old around the house and my wife and I made googly eyes at the baby.  Everyone was happy.

But the most exciting part of the day came before we even left the house.  The three of us were hanging around post bottle and breakfast thinking about what to do with the day.  I was laying on the couch and my wife was sitting on the floor with the toys.  Yogi pulled up on the couch to chatter with me about something and as though it were what he did everyday, he turned around and walked out into the center of the room.  Four confident steps.  Steady and sure.  We couldn’t believe it!  After weeks (months?) of encouraging and asking him to walk between us with absolutely ZERO interest from him, we were floored that out of nothing he just meandered his way to the center of the room.  When we broke out in crazed clapping he looked puzzled.  The boy is always happy to accept some clapping, but he really did look confused by our excitement.  I don’t think he ever made the connection.  He took a few more steps later in the day, so I’m thinking this will be his new trick.

Yogi!  Walking! 


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