We’re Having A(nother) Baby!

One baby.

Our due date is May 20, 2012.

The magical ultrasound machine showed one beautiful Monkey with arm and leg buds and a spine that is just beginning to develop.  We were even able to see the flicker of a heart beat.  145 beats per minute.  

Right alongside Monkey was an empty sac in which Button never even begun to grow.  My wife says that the next time we get scanned it will be gone entirely.  Absorbed back into her body.  Like it had never been there at all. 

But it was there and the fact of that has created some subtle shifts in our family.  When we were first married and dreaming of the baby who be Yogi, we weren’t sure we would have more than one child.  A family of four was the largest family we could imagine.  The decision seemed to be one child or two. 

And then we spent a few weeks imagining a family of five.  It was overwhelming and scary and thrilling and something about it felt perfect.  To both of us.

So, we’ll see.  There’s plenty of time for thinking and planning and dreaming.  For now, we’re having a(nother) baby!!!!!


7 thoughts on “We’re Having A(nother) Baby!

  1. i am so sorry to read that button isn't going to be joining your family next may (hugs)

    simultaneously…congrats on the beautiful scan of monkey. sounds like she (i'll go ahead and register a vote for “girl”) is growing perfectly!

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