The Sippy Solution/Fun with Yogi at 13 Months

In the midst of all of the recent focus on TTC, Yogi continues to truck along.  In fact, the little guy is rockin and rollin.  His 14th month is off to a big start and there is lot to report from the New Yogi Tricks department. 
As you can see from the picture, the boy has agreed to accept fluid from something that is neither bottle nor breast.  Oddly, we have had the most success in offering him sips from our own sport bottles (see above).  Apparently he likes to drink from containers that are roughly the size of his own body.  Weird.  But…. we have found kid (more like 5-10-year old) versions of the bottle you see above that is slightly smaller and now provide his only milk during daytime hours.  He also drinks water out of these, but with much greater gusto when ice is included.  You know, because ice shakes.  We are still hanging on to the wake-up and bed-time bottle, but we’re making progress. 
Another adorable development is the advent of signing “more”.  After months and months and months of signing to him, he made the connection and he loves his new tool.  It’s a pretty timely development actually because recently the boy can.not get enough to eat.  He just leans back in his high chair with his belly pushing against the tray and signs “more” like some kind of tiny king.  His favorite foods of the moment include mozzarella cheese, tofu squares breaded with graham cracker crumbs, strawberries and avocado. 
He’s not walking, but he’s upright most of the time these days.  Cruising all over the house while keeping one hand on something at all times.  It might be a wall or the toy box or a Mama leg, but as long as it’s there he’s confident.  My wife has started taking him outside in the backyard after dinner while I clean up and watching him push his little lion through the yard is one of the brightest parts of my day. 
This lion was his first birthday gift and I was SO excited about it. 
For one, he looks adorable with it.  I love how he holds on to his ears.
And then there’s the fact that I found a toy that he could push around AND ride at a baby consignment sale for $7.  Yahoo!!!!  Happy Birthday Yogi!  Also, the seat lifts up in the back so that he can hold on to the purple handle and push him anywhere he wants to go.  Perfect.  These days he’s not so into riding the lion, but maybe that will come later.  Pushing him around is cool. 
The only frustrating Yogi-related development at the moment is that we are in a nap transition.  Moving towards dropping the morning nap, but not quite there yet.  Sometimes he seems to need a morning snooze and sometimes he doesn’t.  I have found no way to predict it, and you know how I love not being able to predict.  When he needs it, he absolutely needs it and when he doesn’t, sometimes he doesn’t.  We have had some pretty ugly evenings on days when he didn’t seem to need AM nap in the AM, but by dinner time he was clearly wiped out.  Much like me, Yogi can be a trial on the rare occasion when he loses his pleasing personality. 
If his eyes are open and he isn’t in an entirely new situation, he is chattering.  Chatter, chatter, chatter.  All day long.  There are a few identifiable words within the wall of sound.  Looking back, his first word was certainly “Oh-oh” which seems odd, but is true. He loves to drop toys down the stairs and say “Oh-oh” at  the top of his voice.  It’s like a joyful announcement.  Lately, he’s started saying banana, which started as nana-nana on a loop and then evolved into baaa-nana.  His very favorite word at the moment is “Mama” which he says pretty much all the time.  When he’s tired it sounds like a kind of bleating and gets repeated endlessly.  I’m not so sure that it’s attached to either of us at this point.
There have been so many changes in the last month.  All of it is just going so fast.

2 thoughts on “The Sippy Solution/Fun with Yogi at 13 Months

  1. Not that you asked for advice (heh), but I found that when Curly was going through the 2 to 1 nap transition, I found it easier to put him in his crib every morning at the same time for a half hour. What he chose to do in that time was his business. He would either roll around and chatter, or actually fall asleep (in which case I'd let him have a 45-60 min nap). When it became apparent that every single morning we did that he would just chatter, we stopped doing it. The method helped though 🙂
    BTW, love how he wants his cup to be a foot tall 😉

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