Not Giving Up

I’ve asked a lot of you lately and now I’m back with yet another request.*  The ultrasound went well and revealed TWO gestational sacs!!!!!  Here’s where it gets tricky.  One of the sacs looks entirely on track for its gestational age of 5 weeks and 5 days.  It has a yolk sac and measures for age.  The other sac is about a quarter of the size and does not have a yolk sac.  The sonographer said that it would be very unlikely for that sac to continue to develop.  She said she expects it will be a vanishing twin.  I say there are many unlikely things that do happen in spite of how unlikely they are and it hasn’t vanished yet.

So….this Mama is thrilled!!!  At this point we for sure have a healthy little sac and I could.not be more excited about that.  What is also important to me at this moment is that we have another tiny little guy that is still hanging on.  If he wants to be here, we VERY MUCH want him to be a part of our family.  Please, please, please send whatever you’ve got to that tiny little sac.  We go back for another ultrasound in a week and if they have both continued to grow I will be the happiest Mama ever.

*I promise to pay you back with tons of adorable baby pictures.


6 thoughts on “Not Giving Up

  1. yay! congrats on the great scan! i'll be keeping fingers crossed that #2 catches up by next week. there are lots of stories in blogland of this happening – off hand, i remember puffer's first ultrasound was similar and over at A Story of Two Moms, they didn't see the triplet for several scans. anything is possible – it's early!

  2. Wow! I am so, so happy for you that there are two in there! And I am so, so happy that at least one of Yogi's biological siblings is doing so well! That's thrilling news, and I can't wait to read on as they/she/he grow and grow!

    My reaction to the underdog (this is a term of endearment for me; I'm always pulling for underdogs) is full of love. I hope hope hope that s/he defies expectations and proves that sonographer wrong! And of course that's possible! And of course I'll send him or her loads of growin' love! I always say that the payoff of living in a world where sometimes you're stuck being the LOUSY 5% statistic is that sometimes you get to be the GREAT 5% statistic too. I so believe in this little guy's ability to be exactly that.

    My perspective (coming from being both E's mama, and Rabbit's) is that every little second is worth it, so for now, I celebrate the presence of both of these babies in your lives. I love that we gave E a chance: gave her every little advantage we could. I loved every moment we shared with her. And I've felt blessed for every moment so far with Rabbit. So what I especially love here is that right now, BOTH those babies have a shot. They're snugged in there, nice and warm. They're nourished. They're totally loved. Entirely loved. That's beautiful, and well worth honoring. Congratulations to you all. R.

  3. (new blogger/reader)

    How exciting!!Lots of prayers and wishes that there is a whole bunch of growing in the next week for the little engine that could! Congrats!

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