Got a Good Distraction?


THE ultrasound is tmw morning at 9.  My wife is on call tonight which means she will be at the hospital until right before the appointment.  I am confident that Yogi will keep me busy until bedtime, but he will be snoozing away by 7:30.  I would really like to avoid scouring twin blogs and infertility message boards for beta levels, but I can’t seem to help myself.  Given one second alone, I launch directly into manic research state.  No passing go, no collecting $200.

So help a crazy girl out.  What’cha got?  Know of a TV show, a good book, a funny YouTube video? 


6 thoughts on “Got a Good Distraction?

  1. Oy, that is intense. Maybe a friend and a glass or two of wine? I would volunteer my company (were I not, you know, in a very different part of the country).

    SO excited for tomorrow, though! What a thrilling moment for your family!!! R.

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