It Begins

This morning at the hour of VERY EARLY my wife made an unfortunate discovery.  The box of progesterone that we packed for the trip contained not the hormone that plays a vital role in the implantation and general sticking around process for the embryo but a surprisingly thick (not to mention weighty) pamphlet describing it.  OH NO!!!!!

This discovery was made after spending the entirety of the day before in the car with a 1 year old.  I should pause in the dramatics to mention that Yogi was a travel star.  Of course he was.  After dreading this car time for weeks, we actually had a pretty good time.  It took us a bit longer than usual as we had to stop for lunch and a diaper change, but when Yogi wasn’t napping we spent the time singing, reading books, playing peek-a-bo with the monkey nursing blanket and doing high fives.  There was almost zero fussiness.  I think we’ll keep the kid after all.

But…. back to this morning.

Upon realizing this very bad oversight, my wife got on the phone and called the answering service to page our doctor.  The call was returned in minutes (oh how I love this practice) and she was reassured that we could get vaginal progesterone in the office.  The doctor went on to talk about several studies that show the differences between delivery methods at this stage in the game being negligible.   Oh how I love data in a crisis.  Not even the time discrepancy (we usually inject at 6:30AM) will be a problem.  Deep cleansing breath.

So……. as of this moment we’re still in it.  Yogi is napping in the other room, the lab has yet to call and say that any of the embryos haven’t survived the thaw and we are scheduled for a transfer at 11 EST.

Good thoughts, prayers, vibrations, general good cheer.  Send whatever you’ve got our way.


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