Yes, It’s True

I have become THAT person.

I have spent entirely too much mental energy today (and admittedly yesterday) crafting a sippy cup strategy.  So…. I’ve got to ask.  For those of you who are already babied, when did you officially abandon the bottle for good?  I’m just going back and forth wondering if it’s time to force the issue, so a little Mommy input would help.

And on an un-related note (and just to demonstrate that sippy cups are not ALL I think about) and to provide a comment option for the not yet babied, what’s your favorite lesbian movie?  As in hot with a passable story line.  Is there one?  I could use it…..



9 thoughts on “Yes, It’s True

  1. It's sad, but I think my favorite ever is the Grey's Anatomy Callie coming out storyline. If someone put together just her clips into a movie I would watch it over and over. I love But I'm a Cheerleader, but that's probably not what you're going for.

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